Sentinels of Dalvengyr

Sentinels of Dalvengyr


This is your Captain speaking so please pay attention.

Daily goals of guild members should be the following:

1.  Let us raid some Horde!

Guntitan has nothing against horde unless it is horde that ganked him with no apparent reason.  Like if he were questing and killing some NPCs with only half life.  Then you come up from behind and kill him.

If he waves that means peace, if he approaches you dual wielding axes there is no peace.  Guntitan is also moody.  If he were attacked by some skulled Horde that day  and he sees a horde a few levels below him or above him.  He’ll come after you dual wielding axes.  That’s just his version of sweet revenge.  Watch out for his kitty gorilladin!  We are also on a PVP server and this is just the nature of the game.

2.  Make gold!  Please see post about making gold for your level 30 mount and level 60 mount.

3.  Group up with guild mates for quests and instances.

It makes the game a lot more fun and you make friends.

4.  Promote your profession in guild chat.

If you know there are a bunch of level 30 hunters that could use some nice leather gear, let them know that you can make it.  It levels your profession, and it benefits the guild.  Hunters need leather gear up until level 40.  If you want to charge let them know and if you don’t care about getting paid let them know.

5.  Place your extra items in the guild bank.  Currently for me, drops of Outland gear don’t sell well.

We all know that Hunters need meat, mushrooms, fish, and fruit for our pets. Alchemists need herbs.  Blacksmiths and Engineers need metal bars.  Tailors need our extra cloth.  We can help each other level our professions. We all need gear. We can help each other save gold and time.

6. Level to 80.

I’m not planning to do any raids until level 80. Quest and grind until level 80. Quest and grind in Outlands until level 68 or 70.  Don’t waste your time grinding for reputation in Outlands unless you want the recipes from Scryer or Aldor.  I’m serious. Quest and grind in Northend until level 80. The rewards are epic enough in Northend. We’ll be replacing gear in Northend as soon as we hit the shores.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


2 Responses to “Sentinels of Dalvengyr”

  1. Joseph Pierce Says:

    Hey bro, what profession should I go with on my hunter? I am honestly thinking of doing Alch and Herb because of the amount of G it makes email me. READ up on the 3.3.0 patch notes I sent you, they are very interesting I am going to go read the hunter patch notes now so later bro.

    Until next time, happy hunting.


  2. Up to you. The professions for Hunters that are high up there is Leatherworking and Skinning or Mining and Engineering.

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