Ironweaver the blog and the hunter!

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I know I haven’t used that word in a long time.  My long time druid friend now a hunter friend, Ironweaver, started his own blog in his own voice and I remembered once I had a voice too.  Please visit his awesome up and coming blog at:


So far the bastard has caught all 4 spirit beasts and found the Time-Lost Proto Drake.  Even out rolled me in a couple of pugs that I invited him to on gear I would love to have.  Keep it in the guild, right?  I inspired him to start this blog and become a hunter.

When his main was his druid I remember him telling me, “You know why I love being a druid?”  I said, “No.”  He said, “You get to be your own p—y.”  Then he transformed into his running form and dashed away.

This one is for you, Ironweaver.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Some miscellaneous pictures that were sitting in my Screen Shot folder…

No need wait for Cataclysm we got your Worgen right here.  We will miss you Frostfang.


Useful Raiding as a BM remark

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Kiterunner on the Official World of Warcraft Forums posted some useful information on how to be a successful BM hunter.  Here it is:

I am a good example of what to expect form a “new age” BM hunter.

My scaling since aquiring new gear after 3.3 was pretty funny and quite impresive the more gear i got.

I want from tier 7 doing 3.3k dps to pulling 6k dps on marwyn in H HoR with no lust or passive 10% ap boost. buffs consisted of horn and might.

As i went into the instance the holy paladin started ripping into me.

“You raid BM?”

sure do

LOL you could be doing 20% more damage as an other spec.”

thats nice to know.

“You dont even have an exotic pet”

Yea wolves scale better.

man we got a bad hunter in our group guys. too bad we wasted our kick on a discer.

then after pulling 5k dps for the aoe grindfest throughout the instance we finally got to Marwyn. a basic tank and spank fight. I then pukked 6k dps and the holy paladin almost @@@ a brick. He said omfg your pet pulled HALF OF YOUR DPS. thats like 3k dps. WTF your pet can outdps some people i know.

Then i responded, you sure does. Notice the aspect of the beast i been using this whole run.

“yea i never seen any hunter use it.”

Yea its my little secret. My pet scales with me simply because of this little aspect. No matter how much better my gear gets. my pet will always pull 45% of my damage all because of this aspect. Hawk does like 150 dps more for me and benefits my pet by an average of 200 dps in a fight. beast increases my damage by 0% but increases my pets dps by 600-1200 depending on situation.

“well i wont rip into BM hunters prior to seeing them dps anymore. I kind of feel bad for chewing you out earlier.”

I said, ” don’t worry bro. I am black. I am used to that.”

Arcturis we are waiting for you.

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I’m trying to figure out how to spec for 3.3 and raid with a spirit beast.  Here are the 2 threads I started on the Wowhead forums:

Thread new | Thread old

Here are some useful links I found:

Pre-Raid Hunter Gear Guide – Updated For 3.3

Update: Hunter Loot from ICC 5-Mans

Read them. Study them. Then think about it.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Blizzard Downloader Patch 3.3

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I love the new looks of the Blizzard Downloader.  It just sums up what we have been fighting for in one little image.  You see the Lich King, someone that looks like the Orc Shaman responsible for turning Arthas, and some hot Banshee or Naga babe in the background.  They will die.

Moving on…

What am I going to be doing while I wait for this downloader?

  1. Clean the house
  2. Write a blog
  3. Listen to Pandora Radio since I feel like I’ve been away from music for a bit
  4. Play some Borderlands
  5. Get ready for work
  6. Hope the downloader finishes before I leave
  7. Figure out how to raid as a Beast Master Hunter

That’s a good list.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

What to do as a fresh level 80 hunter?

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One of these posts?  Now listen closely…

I think I had a hard time adjusting to my level 80 status.  As a follower of the Wowhead forums, I knew I needed level 200 gear to raid and easily run Heroics.

Level 80 Pre-Raiding Hunter Gear, Enchant & Gem 3-in-1 Guide

I didn’t know what to do after and how to get geared for the next step, Raids!  What do I mean?  When each patch comes out Blizzard introduces bigger and badder raids.  Starting from Naxxramas, to everything in between, then all the way to Ulduar.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to Wow.  I didn’t start during Vanilla.  I burned my levels through Outland never really experiencing Outland instances. I never experienced any Outland raids.  I got to Northend maybe a few weeks after the WotLK expansion came out and was behind veteran players in my guild at the time.  Hail to the Sentinels of Dalvengyr!

For now I decided to tell you what I think, found out, and learned during my time period of being a NOOB level 80 Hunter.

To get geared without having my fellow hunter’s go to everything before and between Naxx and Ulduar I say unto thee:

Emblem of Conquest

Yes click the freaking link.  After you get few crafted 200 level pieces or gear from regular instances, run Heroics and get the emblems to get the gear.  Start with the Crown of the Wayward Protector and then purchase Breastplate of the Wayward Protector.  Turn them in at the Langrom’s Leather and Links vendor in Dalaran.  Follow with the other pieces of gear like the leggings and the gloves.

Do you know of the Heroic Dailies?  Go to the Violet Hold in Dalaran and grab them.  Do them everyday.

Now here is the mistake I made.  Do not go to the Emblem currency trader in the sewers to trade whatever Emblems of Triumph you get from the daily just so you get the gear from the Conquest badges faster.  When 3.3 hits the Triumph gears will be much easier to get but for now don’t trade them in.  As you can see the items and gear you can get from Triumph gear is better than the ones from Conquest gear.  You can get more Emblems of Triumph by running or pugging raids start with 10 mans.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I didn’t know that.”  You’re welcome Noob.  Now pat yourself on the back.  You just joined Guntitan’s new guild called the Young Guns.  Clever huh?

Just to show you how important Triumph gear is to Conquest gear or anything else listen to this example:

Yes I’ve been running Heroics. I was in Ulduar 10 with my guild today and something good for Hunters dropped.  There were 2 hunters in this run.  Me and someone else named Forcemonkey.

Ironaya’s Discarded Mantle dropped but the other hunter had shoulders from triumph badges.  I rolled a 1.  Yes a freaking 1.  A one I tell you.  He didn’t roll and someone who was goofing off rolled.  I panicked.  In vent I kept saying I want them so bad.  The druid couldn’t use it.  I got them with a roll of O-N-E.  If Forcemonkey didn’t have better gear he would of rolled and beat my roll. I was lucky he knew what he was doing.  Now don’t give up those Emblems of Triumph, do some Heroics and the Heroic dailies, and go pug some raids.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


Thanks Urburning for showing me the way.

I can’t believe my luck.

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I camped pretty much all day and when I went back for the end of the night.

I flew in to the area above Brunnhildar Village.  Saw him standing there.  Dismounted.  Dismissed pet. Dropped the Freezing Trap.  Forgot where tame pet was on my action bar.  Found it.  Then started to tame.  Yelled for my wife to come see.  Tamed him.  Hugged her.  Told her a bunch of stuff she didn’t understand.  It was around 2 am server time.  Then I started shaking.  Told my wife that, “This is the rarest pet in the game.”  She still didn’t understand.  I started to calm down a little.  People in the area started to come by.  I called 2 of my friends that play WoW.  I hearthed back to Dalaran after I fed him.

I can’t believe it.  My first spirit beast.  I can’t believe I actually was shaking.  Thanks Blizzard.  Only you could create such a emotional response from a game.  I also found Vyragosa in the same spot earlier and killed it.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


I didn’t have the heart to change his name.  I left it Skoll.

Here are more screen shots:


Cataclysm Pets

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I know we haven’t heard any news about which pet families we will be able to choose from in the next expansion but I have some speculations.  I also decided to watch the Cataclysm trailer again to see if I missed anything.  You can see some frogs and crabs in the background when the goblins are fighting the humans.  Then there’s a PET-SIZED-TAMEABLE-LOOKING brown monkey walking behind the big camp fire.  You can see the monkey between the fire and the tent. Then there is a black run running behind this monkey in the background.  The brown monkey stops next to the pink dude.


I hope we get to tame at least this monkey.  It is so cute and cuddly.  I could name him KungFu after my MySpace pet.


The last beast we see is a thunder lizard behind the Human Hunter.  I hope we hear some news soon.

Here is my wish list:

  1. Frogs with sticky tongue move like death grip that pulls and holds target for 4 sec and does [rank] nature damage over 10 sec.
  2. More crabs cause they are awesome.
  3. Monkeys with a pickpocketing ability.
  4. Thunderlizards
  5. Mammoths
  6. All pets with 2 special abilities.
  7. 1 item slot for our pets would be nice too.

For more ideas go over to Mania’s post and read the comments.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan