Hi!  I’m Guntitan a dwarf hunter in the realm called Dalvengyr.  I ran into a few troubles being a hunter.  So I decided to post my troubles while I sit in the pub in Kharanos.  Ain’t like Starbucks but will have to do.


My published posts have focused on armor(mostly from quest rewards), glyphs, making gold for [blank] level mount, and random stuff (like the post about Wowhead).

My current posts will focus on being a hunter since patch 3.0.8 came out.  I hope to see more posts on hunter tactics and training, new aspects, new pets, and obtaining gold for your level 70 epic flying mount.

Please comment as I will enjoy the feed back.

! Guntitan


One Response to “About”

  1. 3555 Achievment points WoW that is pretty crazy… I only have like 2500 on my druid bro… I have 2200 (or somthing like that on Ironweaver)… How you get all of your achiement points?

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