It does exist!

The Mammoth dropped in a 10 man VOA.  Read more to see what happened…

If I get into trouble for posting that screen shot then I don’t care.  The raid leader and master looter and a fellow hunter ninja’d the Mammoth.

As you can see, soon after it dropped, he took it for himself and left the raid group.  There was no roll on it.

What a rip off.  We were all pissed.  I’ll let you know what Blizzard does about it.

Please don’t ninja stuff.  If you can’t solo content and get the item by yourself then you have no sole rights to it.  If you do your server will remember you and not raid with you.  You will be playing alone before you know it.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


3 Responses to “It does exist!”

  1. I know that other hunter I am not very fond of him, he thinks he is better than every one else. But hey Gun gratz on the mount drop not that many people get to see it drop even if it was ninja’d. You got a cool screenshot thats worth something… to me at least.

    Thank you very much and happy hunting!

  2. Everytime I have seen the Mammoth drop it was ninja’d. Every single time.

  3. Actually I did another 10 man run a few days ago and the mount dropped. We rolled for it. I didn’t get it but I’m glad it was fair for all the members of the raid.

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