Useful Raiding as a BM remark

Kiterunner on the Official World of Warcraft Forums posted some useful information on how to be a successful BM hunter.  Here it is:

I am a good example of what to expect form a “new age” BM hunter.

My scaling since aquiring new gear after 3.3 was pretty funny and quite impresive the more gear i got.

I want from tier 7 doing 3.3k dps to pulling 6k dps on marwyn in H HoR with no lust or passive 10% ap boost. buffs consisted of horn and might.

As i went into the instance the holy paladin started ripping into me.

“You raid BM?”

sure do

LOL you could be doing 20% more damage as an other spec.”

thats nice to know.

“You dont even have an exotic pet”

Yea wolves scale better.

man we got a bad hunter in our group guys. too bad we wasted our kick on a discer.

then after pulling 5k dps for the aoe grindfest throughout the instance we finally got to Marwyn. a basic tank and spank fight. I then pukked 6k dps and the holy paladin almost @@@ a brick. He said omfg your pet pulled HALF OF YOUR DPS. thats like 3k dps. WTF your pet can outdps some people i know.

Then i responded, you sure does. Notice the aspect of the beast i been using this whole run.

“yea i never seen any hunter use it.”

Yea its my little secret. My pet scales with me simply because of this little aspect. No matter how much better my gear gets. my pet will always pull 45% of my damage all because of this aspect. Hawk does like 150 dps more for me and benefits my pet by an average of 200 dps in a fight. beast increases my damage by 0% but increases my pets dps by 600-1200 depending on situation.

“well i wont rip into BM hunters prior to seeing them dps anymore. I kind of feel bad for chewing you out earlier.”

I said, ” don’t worry bro. I am black. I am used to that.”


One Response to “Useful Raiding as a BM remark”

  1. Fo shizzle I do not raid as BM but reading this I might give it a try. I got a question and I would liek you to answer it, er what pet do you use when you are BM is it better to use you Spirit Beast pet? It dose pretty good damage or what pet are you using?

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