Arcturis we are waiting for you.

I’m trying to figure out how to spec for 3.3 and raid with a spirit beast.  Here are the 2 threads I started on the Wowhead forums:

Thread new | Thread old

Here are some useful links I found:

Pre-Raid Hunter Gear Guide – Updated For 3.3

Update: Hunter Loot from ICC 5-Mans

Read them. Study them. Then think about it.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


4 Responses to “Arcturis we are waiting for you.”

  1. so close.. it is sad really that he had to be killed, and u wanted to kill the guy that did it

  2. I wasn’t going to kill him or camp his body. Plus my PVP skills suck.

  3. Camping him was so hard but while I was camping him I met a really good friend his name is Lenithior and he is a dwarf hunter liek us and he is became a really good friend he helped me camp my Skoll pet.

    Really cool guy and he is Canadian so he never get smad at people and is always chill liek you know how them canadians are ROFL!

    (@ least I think he is Canadian…)

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