Cataclysm Pets


I know we haven’t heard any news about which pet families we will be able to choose from in the next expansion but I have some speculations.  I also decided to watch the Cataclysm trailer again to see if I missed anything.  You can see some frogs and crabs in the background when the goblins are fighting the humans.  Then there’s a PET-SIZED-TAMEABLE-LOOKING brown monkey walking behind the big camp fire.  You can see the monkey between the fire and the tent. Then there is a black run running behind this monkey in the background.  The brown monkey stops next to the pink dude.


I hope we get to tame at least this monkey.  It is so cute and cuddly.  I could name him KungFu after my MySpace pet.


The last beast we see is a thunder lizard behind the Human Hunter.  I hope we hear some news soon.

Here is my wish list:

  1. Frogs with sticky tongue move like death grip that pulls and holds target for 4 sec and does [rank] nature damage over 10 sec.
  2. More crabs cause they are awesome.
  3. Monkeys with a pickpocketing ability.
  4. Thunderlizards
  5. Mammoths
  6. All pets with 2 special abilities.
  7. 1 item slot for our pets would be nice too.

For more ideas go over to Mania’s post and read the comments.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


3 Responses to “Cataclysm Pets”

  1. Rottingham Says:

    I wasn’t able to find the frogs… Could someone try to find a picture on one?

  2. They are just the mini frogs you find all over.

  3. Rottingham Says:

    Ah, Ok 😀 Thanks

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