Brewfest Wonders

I wanted to go down the Brewfest boss for the trinket that has the exact same stats as Mirror of Truth.  Noticed a group looking for more on trade and whoa lah!  Got a nice trinket!  Coren’s Chromium Coaster from the Brewfest boss.  Also the Ancient Pickled Egg dropped and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm dropped.  You can kill him for each party member who has not completed the daily quest.  You can kill him 5 times a day during Brewfest to get the drops you want.

What a good run.  Then I remembered something.  There’s a schematic in here for a repair bot that you need to make Jeeves.  I explored a little bit and found it next to the Golem Master dude.  Now I am on a mission to find the schematic for Field Repair Bot 110G, the schematic for Jeeves, and the mats to make Jeeves.

What a wonderful day for your neighborhood friendly engineering hunter…

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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