The Engineering Hunter


I know my first real profession post ever.  Surprised?

The ability to tinker armor as an engineer in WoTLK is a huge buff to any class. From BC days (I ended up buying the Battle Chest when I started playing) Engineers always had bombs, guns, ammo, trinkets, mechanical pets, robots that kill, crazy rays, etc.  WoTLK at first didn’t bring any changes and people started to drop the profession.  I didn’t.  Now there is good reason to keep engineering.  I’m here to discuss them and tell you why.

Time to go to Tinker Town (You don’t have to if you don’t want to)…

Flexweave Underlay – The enchant to the cloak can help you get out of sticky situations and save you when accidentally dismounting from your flying mount.  It can also help you run away from members of the opposite faction and allow you to jump off a cliff you normally wouldn’t and still survive.  If that Horde follows you off, there is a good chance you will be able to gank them.  Yes I ran into this problem in Borean Tundra.  The +23 Agility helps too.

Frag Belt – Changed from a Spynocular belt.  This beauty just added a nice DPS boost and allows you to create a Cobalt Frag Bomb every six minutes.

Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator – Mechanicals are a abundant group of NPCs in Northend and now you can confuse them.  It also allows you explode Explosive Decoys.  You know those cute little bunnies that you can create?  It is just like having the cute but deadly effect with one button.

Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket – The hand engineering enchants are more of a situational use group.  You would use Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket to shoot a giant rocket out of your gloves.  Kind of like Spiderman’s web shooters but with more oomph.  It increases your DPS.  I initially used the rocket until I realized my pet dies fast.  What was the use of having a fast killing hunter when your pet died just as fast as the NPC?  Reticulated Armor Webbing keeps pet alive.  See below.  Don’t worry about the DPS loss you’ll eventually get Gnomish Lightning Generator.  The trinket makes me look like a Dwarf Shaman but kicks a lot of butt.

Hyperspeed Accelerators – Increase your haste which increases your DPS.  If you are into the whole haste thing grab it.  It will also be good for increasing your Mana gains from Aspect of the Viper.

Reticulated Armor Webbing – 885 more armor increases survivability.  The armor transfers over to your pet.  This enchant increases the  survivability of you and your pets.  Good for the leveling hunter.  I used it and I can testify.  Once you and/or your pet hit level 80 you can grab the Hyperspeed Accelerators.

Nitro Boosts – Battlegrounds?  PVP?  Running away?  Chasing enemies down?  I use it when I’m done with the Argent Crusade daily quest At The Enemy’s Gate or when I fall off the mount because I suck.  I run back to the little camp at Nitro speeds and the scouts can’t keep up.

Mind Amplification Dish – Mind control.  Yes!  Now I can add this to my Gnomish X-Ray Specs and make the Night Elf ladies dance.  No wonder it increases Stamina.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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