Save gold for level 70 epic flying mount

That’s right. I taught you different ways of making money.  Here is my final tip:

Final Point:  You need to force yourself to save money. Stop buying stuff.  What kind of stuff?  Mats to level professions, gear, enchants, more than one mount, etc.  I had a hard time not spending money up until level 80.  After I accomplished some gearing up and maxed engineering is when I started to save money.

Here are the rest of my good tips on how to make gold for your level 70 epic flying mount.  I added a few more tips in bold that I learned while questing in Outland and Northend.  For the epic flying mount we need 5000 gold for training and 100 gold for the mount.  5100 gold total.  You can find your trainer and mount dealer in Shadowmoon Valley.  The trainers are Ilsa Blusterbrew for Alliance and Olrokk for Horde.  The mount dealers can be found near the trainer.

  1. Free up your bag space. What do you mean?  If you are like me and keep other weapons with you so you can level weapon skills when you feel like it.   Dump those weapons in the bank.  Dump useless items in the bank.  Dump your fishing pole and bait in the bank.  Dump old Jungle Remedy. Keep your food and drink slots to one type of consumable.  Don’t keep more than one type of food or drink that don’t stack with each other.  You are just wasting space.  You need the space to gather items to sell.
  2. Guild bank. I know I stayed away from one of old gathering places of money for a long time.  When Guntitan first started gathering money for his first mount back at level 30 (Back when it used to be level 30, now it’s level 20).  He would raid his guild bank of all valuable items that he knew he could sell on the AH.  Back then they were Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages.  Keep in mind he was not part of SoD at that time.  If you are desparate raid the guild bank.  I know it sounds bad but put it this way.  Your guild mate put those items in there so that someone else can use it.  Ideally leave the good armor and weapons in there.  People can use those to level.  But if they are items used for quests or leveling professions, by all means take them.
  3. Don’t stop saving money. Don’t stop when you get your level 60 flying mount.  Keep going until 70.
  4. I encourage you to buy new skills on your way to level 70.  They will help you hit harder and kill faster.  In turn gather drops faster.
  5. Selling stuff you get from Outland still helps. Fel Iron ore on my server is still a good money maker.  Everyone and their Death Knights still need mats to level their professions so there is still a market for Outland goods.  Blacksmiths, engineers, and jewelcrafters need the Fel Iron bars to level their skill level.  Jewelcrafters can use the ore to prospect it into jewels.  A stack 20 Fel Iron bars sell for about 40 gold.
  6. Get to Northend at level 68 or if you want wait to level 69 or 70.  Before I hit Northend I was already at 700 gold.
  7. Quest.  The money you get from doing quests in Northend are now at about 4 to 5 gold.  Some quest rewarded items that are soulbound, but useless to you, sell for 4 to 5 gold at the vendor.  Some kill quests will get you some greens or blues off corpses.  You can make a +40 gold from a good run of gathering and completing quests.
  8. Kill stuff.  Mine stuff.  Skin stuff.  Just get the stuff.
  9. Sell grays. A full stack (x20) of gray or white items can sell for 1 to 2 gold at the vendor.  A full stack of Fur Clothing Scraps gets you 2 gold from the vendor.
  10. Sell everything that’s not soulbound on the AH.  I sold a stack of 20 Cobalt bars for about 40 gold.
  11. Sell everything that doesn’t sell on the AH to the vendor. I learned not everything sells on the AH at the level 70 bracket.  Certain classes need certain stats and they aren’t wasting their money on level 70 stuff anymore.  You might have to sell some greens or blues to the vendor but they can still get you 4 to 5 gold.  I needed about 25 more gold.  A guild mate offered to give me the gold.  I told her to wait.  I checked my mail.  Stuff didn’t sell on the AH.  I sold the 4 greens that didn’t sell on the AH to the vendor and got about 20 gold.
  12. Do your dailies and the Argent Tournament. I know I mentioned the tournament in previous blog posts.  I’m so in love with it.  There’s a 5 man instance that can get you geared for raiding.  The dailies make you a ton of gold and reputation.  Reputation that will lead you to be exalted with the 5 main factions for Horde or Alliance.  You can also earn rewards with Champion Seals to fill in some of the gear slots.
  13. Sell epic(purple) quality craftable items. They can sell for about 1000 G a piece.  Look at any Pre-Raiding loot lists you can find.  This is when crafting professions finally pay off.  Just look at how much gold end game jewels or trinkets cost.
  14. Head back to Outland’s Honor Hold or Thrallmar. Go to the trainers there.  If you have a good enough reputation with them you can now get a discount on your Artisan Riding Training and 280% speed mount.
  15. Rinse and repeat.

This time around it took me about 2 months of saving gold.  I finished around the time they changed the level requirement for all the riding skills and mounts.  I think it was Patch 3.2.  Luckily, I got to use the discount benefit and saved me some gold.  This was accomplished with some casual play time and some all day play time.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to get your level 70 epic flying mount at level 70.  You’ll be in Northend most of the time and you can’t get Cold Weather Flying until you hit level 77.  I managed to get Artisan Riding at level 80 while in Northend.

Doing two things at once saved me time.  Making gold and leveling probably saved me more time than just trying to buy low and sell high on the AH.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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