Swiftarrow Battlefear Set and Fang of Truth x2


Here is a quick comparison of what I have now at level 77  to the Swiftarrow set which I should have at level 78:

Umm… The link is too long so click here.  A fellow guild mate told me I should invest in it.  He said he spent about 400 gold to get it.  Resilience (a reduction in chance to be critically hit) looks cool, so does 4,500 more Health points and 2,290 more Mana points, and more crit and DPS makes my skin crawl.  I can’t wait until I get my reputation up with the Wyrmrest Accord and this awesome set.

! Guntitan


I must of spent at least 1000 Gold getting all 8 pieces and getting the mats to enchant the 2 swords.  So far the set has proven itself a reliable PVP set.  Tested it while defending Ironforge.  It also increased my mana and health by a lot.

It was cheaper getting the mats for the enchants and having a enchanter enchant the weapons for me.

I recommend getting Enchant Weapon – Exceptional Agility for both swords.  The Dream Shards cost about 20 G each and the Eternal Airs cost about 6 G each.  I tipped the enchanter 20 G.  Let’s do the math on the enchants.

Auction House price on my server for one enchant = 450 G

Eternal Air X 4 = 6 G x 4 = 24 G

Dream Shard X 4 = 20 G x 4 = 80 G

Total = 2*(Eternal Air X 4 + Dream Shard X 4) = 2*(24 G + 80 G) = 2*(104 G) = 208 G

Total w/ tip = 208 G + 20 G = 228 G

Total w/ tip < Auction House price on my server x2

228 G < 450 G x 2

228 G < 900 G

The statement is true.  Therefore we can conclude that finding an enchanter on Trade chat (/2) is cheaper then buying this enchant off the AH.

EDIT:  Fixed wrong math.  Still cheaper then buying the enchant off AH.


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