Grizzly Hills Quest Rewards



Hey everyone I hit 75 the other night and figured that now is the time for a list.

I recommend setting your Hearthstone’s new home at Amberpine Lodge.

I replaced my gear with the following while questing in Grizzly Hills.  I stacked Stamina and sacrificed some attack power and crit for about 1000 health points.  My gorilla and I were dying too fast.

Gorilla also doesn’t hold aggro anymore.  At level 74 I got myself a Grizzly Bear and I’m still testing it out so that’s another post.

For Alliance there is a nice set of 4 dailies that you can do near the Blue Sky Lodging Grounds.  This will help you get about 80,000 experience points a day.  There is a fifth daily near Amberpine Lodge that can easily be done. Netting you around 100,000 experience points in one day.  Good luck!

Polished Staghorn Helm 

Patched Trapper Pauldrons

Therapeutic Cloak

Flame-Tested Chest Piece

Whip-Stitched Wristguards 

Gossamer-Stained Grips 

Ghostridden Waistguard 

Greaves of Sanctified Dissolution – Group Quest.  You really need a group.

Short-Circuiting Boots

Worgslayer’s Ring 

Talon of Hatred 

I just listed the equipment for you.  You’ll get them in an order on how you go through Grizzly Hills.  I’m leaving out the links to the quests and starting NPCs this time.  I had way too much fun questing in this area and learning more about the World of Warcraft lore.

Watch for and be careful around the giants.  This area also has a lot of casters so spec your pet accordingly.  At this level being able to sacrifice some gold to respec is necessary.

Til next time…

! Guntitan

You are free my brothers!



Opps! How did that one get in here? 


3 Responses to “Grizzly Hills Quest Rewards”

  1. GZ on the 75 Ding!
    Grizzly Hills was somewhere I did not quest until after I’d hit 80 and just wanted to go back. I very much enjoyed Grizzly Hills and intend to take all future characters there during levelling rather than at 80 from now on.

  2. Grats on 75 man! You’re so close, I bet you can taste it.

    As far as how that one got in there, how do you think? 😉

  3. About the pic:

    I figured I should tell everyone about it cause it’s a funny story. Grizzly Hills has those damned Runed Giants. One showed up and one hit my poor gorilla so I ran away. I came back after it was gone to revive my pet. I know I don’t need to be near him but we were killing trolls before the Giant showed up.

    While I was gathering the silver that drops from the trolls, the Runed Giant showed up again. It started to attack so I feign death near the dead gorilla. I looked at myself lying there and said, “I need to take a screen shot.”

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