I was tagged twice by 2 different hunters?!!

Having a cool looking banner done by 1 out of 3 possible friends, that majored in art, did help.  The guilty hunter’s are… drum drool please… splatter, splatter, splatter x2 are… Eresin and Davlin.

The tag is about a name meme thing where I tell you what my name means.

I froze my alts in freezing traps so you are stuck with why I chooes the name Guntitan?  I already explained some of it in a previous post so let’s elaborate.

How I got Gun? 

Dwarves have gun specialization and hunters shoot guns.

Engineers make really good guns and bullets.

I live to pew pew and qew qew.  Whatever that means?

One of my favorite characters from the Angel (TV series) was Gunn.  He kicked a lot of butt.

How I got the Titan part?

 The Titans created the Dwarves and the universe, etc. 

The story on how these two words got combined…

How GT’s mother told it.  WTF?

GT’s Mum:  Aye!  Son, Have I ever told you what your name means?  Hic!

GT:  No. Are you trying to embarass me to make yourself feel better?

GT’s Mum:  Aren’t you still single?  Hic!

GT:  No mum.  My wife is here.

GT’s Mum:  You’re wife!?  Did you invite me to your wedding?

GT:  Yes mum.

GT’s Mum:  Aww shit.  I don’t remember.

GT:  You threw up on the best man.

GT’s Mum:  Nevermind him.  Are you ready for the story lass?

GT’s wife:  Sure. Sure.

GT’s Mum:  His father was jealous when he was born. Snic! Hic!  Really Jealous!  If you know what I mean?  See when he was born his [explicit content deleted] was so big taht…

GT:  Mum stop!

GT’s Mum:  I was getting to the best part.

GT:  I think she would know about that part already. Mum be serious.

GT’s Mum: Serious?  What kind of ale filled mother do you expect me to be?


The End

Maybe one day, when I feel like it, the rest of the story would be posted.

I guess I need to tag 6 people.  Let’s see:

Big Red Rhino, BigRedKitty, Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick, Slow Wolf, The Mystic Hunter, and Mania (I want to give her something to write about besides stuff about the PTR).

Oh yeah, Faradhim, you’re it too.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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