I wasn’t tagged. =(


1. What is your name, and where did it come from??   I figured I wanted a name with Gun in it because Dwarves have Gun Specialization and engineers can make guns.  In World of Warcraft lore dwarves were made by the Titans.  Hence the name, Guntitan.

2. How old are you, and what is your birthday?  Guntitan doesn’t really know his age.  Too much drinky drinky.

3. Are you in love, and with whom?  Guntitan loves his wife, even if she doesn’t want him to leave the house to quest and grind.

4. What is your favorite mount, and why?  I suck.  At the moment I have no favorite mount ’cause I have nothing special.  I wouldn’t mind getting one of those drakes.

5. Do you prefer a certian type of Azerothonian meal, and where do you get it from?  Anything that gives me a stat buff for 20 or 30 minutes.

6. You know those giant mushrooms in Zangarmarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be, and why they are so huge?  It had something to do with those Sporebats.

7. If you saw the Lich King walking towards you, what would you do? Feign Death.  I am a coward like Eresin.

8. (Dav added this one) Be honest, how many times have you used the Grizzly Hills outhouse without any real reason?  I never made it that far.

I will tag… Big Red RhinoAspect of the Hare, and Mania.  Yeah I’ll aim big.

! Guntitan


6 Responses to “I wasn’t tagged. =(”

  1. /tag :-S oops i’m a bit late.
    I will make something up and tag you next time.

    Nice to see i’m not the only coward 😉

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  3. Wooo. Tags. I love tags. I am in! I am in!

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  5. I tagged you.

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