Weather-Beaten Journal & Lei of Lilies


GT Lore.

While in Zangarmarsh I noticed that my cooking was at level 295 and that I needed to be at level 300 to become a Master cook.  I knew I needed Darkclaw Lobsters and some lures to finish the job.  I traveled from Outlands back to Azshara for more fishing.  From the flight path I ran past the Naga to the shore.

Just for fun I spotted some floating wreckage and tried to fish it.  After a few attempts I got my first Mithril Bound Trunk.  I opened it.  Inside a Weather-Beaten Journal.  Before I could link it in guild chat or take a screen shot, I read it and learned how to find fish.  I was so excited.  I called out on guild chat, “I found the wheather beaten journal.  I can now find fish.”  I spelled it wrong on guild chat.  All the lower level characters were like, “what’s that?”  My guild leader congratulated me.

Who ever knew that fishing finally would pay itself off.  I continued to fish that node until it disappeared.  Then I fished in the Bay of Storms for the remaing Darkclaw Lobsters.

I’m not done…

I decided since I’m in Azshara that I could finish a part of the only Hunter quest chain.  I needed to complete the quest Wavethrashing.  On the way to the Wavethrashers I found a Cliff Walker.  Ganked him for fun but then he dropped my first purple colored item Lei of Lilies.  On my auctioneer it says this thing sells for 150 G.  Scoring 2 rare drops I decided to head back to the AH post this one.  Hopefully it sells.

Fishing really pays well…

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Note:  If you check the drop list for the Cliff Walker(on Wowhead or Thottbot)  it says nothing about it dropping the Lei of Lillies.  I must be lucky.


One Response to “Weather-Beaten Journal & Lei of Lilies”

  1. I simply love fishing and cooking, I know a lot of people don’t tend to bother with fishing, yes it can be abore to level, but when it’s up it really does pay off, as you have discovered. I’ve still to get Mr Pinchy though 😦

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