Save gold for your level 40 mount.


Back when I trained Guntitan’s Journeyman riding skill it cost a lot more and was available at level 60. As of patch 3.2.2 training for your Swift ground mount cost 50 gold and the mount itself cost 50 gold.  In total you need 100 gold to get around Azeroth.  Here are good tips on how to make gold for your level 40 mount:

  1. Quest and save the money you get from doing quests.  Some quest rewarded items that are soulbound but useless to you sell for 3 or 4 gold at the vendor.  Some kill quests will get you some greens or blues off corpses.  I sold a green bow that dropped for about 25 gold.
  2. Kill stuff.  Mine stuff.  Skin stuff.  Just get the stuff.
  3. Even a full stack of gray or white items can sell for 1 or 2 gold.
  4. Sell everything that’s not soulbound on the AH.  If you have a gathering profession sell full stacks of materials.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

With the new changes obtaining a mount at level 40 should be quicker than before and having a fast mount early in the game should help us level faster.

Questing and farming at once saved me time.  Making gold and leveling probably saved me more time than just trying to buy low and sell high on the AH.  I’d rather be killing stuff than sitting in front of an auctioneer all day.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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