Hellfire Quest Rewards.


I’m using Wowhead and a quest reward item filter.  You level 58 hunters are going to love this list.


Head, Chest and Head:  Get Legionnaire’s Studded Helm (it looks so ugly on me) with the quest Waste Not, Want Not.  Grab the second quest Laying Waste to the Unwanted and grab Scale Brand Breastplate.  The second head piece quest chain starts a bit away.  Wait until you grab the belt and leg piece before you start to head over there.  Start a two part chain In Search of Sedai finish it. Start and finish Makuru’s Vengeance.  Then start a 3 part chain that starts with Atonement. Finish the last part and grab Vindicator’s Chain Helm

Chest:  For the first mail chest grab Bonechewer Berserker’s Vest with Zeth’Gor Must Burn!  Then refer to the first part of this post on how to obtain Scale Brand Breastplate.  I’m not sure which one works better.  They are both bind on pick up so I’ll just grab them both and post the results.

Legs:  For Battle Scarred Leggings the quest starts at Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways.  This is the first quest to a chain but you don’t have to finish it unless you want the experience.

Feet:  Boots of the Earthcaller

Waist:  For Heavy Miner’s Belt start a chain with the quest When This Mine’s a-Rockin’.  Finish the chain and grab the belt.

Necklace:  Wind Dancer’s Pendant get it with the quest Avruu’s Orb.  You need to kill Avruu to get the orb.

2H Axe:  Rage Reaver.  Get the it from the 2nd part of a chain with one of the first quests you’ll receive in Hellfire. 

2H Sword:  Helboar Carving Blade 

Trinkets:  Bladefist’s Breadth and Insignia of the Alliance.

Finger:  At level 70 come back here to grab this awesome ring Ring of the Recalcitrant. If you are lucky to find a group of 25 players to do a raid and get the drop required.  Grats!

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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