Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m happy.  I dinged to level 58 today.  I’ll soon be heading to Outlands.  I’m going to do a mining and engineering skill level run before I go.  Back to Un’Goro for mining.  I just need to remember to buy some engineering schematics from Everlook before I head back to Ironforge.

How do I make gold to get my next mount?

I need:

600 G to train for my Journeyman riding skill.

+ 100 G for my level 60 mount.  Swift Brown Ram

700 G

– 105 G (15% discount for being revered with Ironforge)

595 G is the amount of gold I need.  Sh!t.

Thorium Ore x20 sells for about 40 G on the AH.  I could make some money off the AH that way.

I could also sell engineering schematics on the AH like I did last time.  I know where to go for that.  We’ll see how things go.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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