I caught me a gorilla.  I didn’t really pay attention to BRK’s methods on how to sucessfully use a gorilladin.  So this is what I ended up doing:

  1. Turned off cower.
  2. I’ll figure out a good way to distribute skill points.
  3. Aspect of the Hawk.
  4. Turned on everything else.
  5. Hunter’s Mark first bad guy.  He’ll die first.
  6. Made the gorilla attack all nearby bad guys.
  7. If I cared about the pet’s focus I would of turned off everything.
  8. Ideally use Volley then Thunderstomp.  I had everything on.  My gorilladin did Thunderstomp when he wanted to.
  9. I might not have been the most successful hunter but I had fun killing 3 things at once.

Here is what I did for my pet’s talents.  Gorilladin.

I took on every stamina increasing talent.  My gorilla’s purpose is to take on multiple mobs at once.  I need a lot of health for that.  Spirit Bond is based off of total health.  I don’t want to use mana often with Mend Pet.  I’ll let spirit bond do the healing.

Mana should be used for Volley.  With Aspect of the Viper we don’t have to worry about mana so much but in battle our mana use has a priority.  You don’t want to be trying to replenish your mana while 3 mobs are attacking your pet.  Our priority is to kill things quickly and Aspect of the Viper decreases our attack power.

You want Boar’s Speed  or Charge so that your Gorilla can approach each mob quickly.  With Guard Dog you can keep the mobs on your pet and not you.

The way you roll your talents is up to you.  I did it my way cause it made the most sense to me.  I’m sticking with Beast Master you can reroll Marksman if you want.  If it works better let me know.  I’ll consider it.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

BRK’s talents spec for his Gorilladin.


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