Obtaining pet skills at level 40.


3 pets do the trick!  2 zones or 1 zone.  You decide!

I love wolves but I also like cats so here is what I did to obtain pet skills for both.

WARNING:  These methods will be become obsolete when WoTLK comes out.  You’ve been warned.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

In Feralas tame a Longtooth Runner (level 40 -41) to obtain pet skills Bite (Rank 6), Dash (Rank 2), and Furious Howl (Rank 3).  I kept him.

In Stranglethorn Vale tame a Elder Shadowmaw Panther (level 42 – 43) to obtain pet skill Prowl (Rank 2).  Then go for the big kitty.  Introducing the King of all cats, King Bangalash (level 43).  Tame him to obtain pet skill Claw (Rank 6).  He also teaches Dash (Rank 2).  I kept him, too.  If you’re only leveling with a cat then just skip the wolf.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan


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