Obtaining mail armor at level 40 for a Hunter.


Finding mail armor for your level 40 hunter is as difficult as finding pet skills at level 30.  I derived this plan from using the Armory, Wowhead, and Thottbot.  Let’s see if I will follow through.  This blog will be continually updated until all of my slots are full with mail gear.

To check my progress go to my armory spot.

Original plan.  | What actually happened.

 I originally wanted to go for a Skullsplitter Helm.  I tried to get it with guild mates but we kept on getting ganked.   Plus the Headhunters and Berserkers are hardly around.  Instead my buddies from my guild wanted to do the Razorfen Kraul instance and I ended up rolling on this Tusken Helm.  It’s awesome.

Tough Scorpid Shoulders:  Buy it on the AH or have a guild mate make it for me.  If no one has the pattern I’ll be in Tanaris farming Wastewander Scofflaw or Wastewander Assassins for it.  I bought it on the AH.

Dawnrider’s Chestpiece:  In Feralas on Feathermoon Island you must first complete this chain The Ruins of Solarsal.  Then start this quest line that begins with Against the Hatecrest (Quest) and finishes with Delivering the Relic (Delivery Quest) and you’ll get the armor as a reward.  This was intended to be the first armor I was going to go after but as soon as I got to Feathermoon Island, my guild mates wanted to run the Razorfen Kraul instance.  (see above)

I originally wanted to go for Myrmidon’s Bracers: Buy it on the AH.  Instead I ended up exploring STV trying to finish all of the quests I picked up there.  While following the eastern shoreline I found a message in a bottle which led me to Jaguero Isle.  Which BTW has a good hunter pet to pick up Prowl (Rank 3) if you are a high enough level to learn it.  Look for Jaguero Stalker.  I completed a quest to land me Poobah’s Nose RingYou kill a giant gorilla  to complete the quest.

Tough Scorpid Gloves:  Buy it on the AH or farm the pattern in Tanaris and ask a guild mate to make it.

Blackforge Girdle:  Buy it on the AH.  I did for 9 gold.

 I originally wanted to go for Blackforge LeggingsInstead I ended up getting Dual Reinforced Leggings which is a lot better in defense.  You get it for killing Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan for the quest The Grand Betrayal.  Earlier that same day we ran Razorfen Kraul we ended up running the Gnomeregan instance. It is easy with a few level 40s and a healer.  It’s lacking the bonus attributes but they can be made up for with good enchants on other equipment. Equipment that’s not bind on pick up.

I originally wanted Myrmidon’s Greaves: Buy it on the AH.  I ended up picking up Blackforge Greaves as a drop while fighting in Hinterlands.

I will buy and sell on the AH to make my gold (see my post about Obtaining gold for your mount).  I also plan to farm minerals like mithril in the Hinterlands.  I need mithril to make Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs and level engineering.

In reflection to BRK’s podcast and my own quest for mail armor at Level 40.  I’ll leave you with his wisdom and some of my own words.  BRK said, “Getting gear is fun.  Getting gear is not the ultimate goal of the game.”  Yes getting gear is fun.  It will be replaced in a few levels so don’t worry if you checked your armory, listed every upgrade for your current level, and derived a plan to obtain them all.  Yet didn’t obtain them.

Once I dinged to level 43, Tusken Helm got replace with Bloomsprout Headpiece for the first spot on my upgrade list on the armory.  To get that piece I would have to enter an instance in Desolace at around level 48.  Instances are fun.  But for five more levels my helmet is going to be Tusken Helm.  I also found out that mail armor at my current level does not provide the +Agility bonuses that I need as a hunter.  I might end up equipping a few leather gear here and there.  Oh well…

Til’ next time…

! Guntitan


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  2. Thanks. I was thinking about redoing the post. A lot of people find the blog through searches regarding level 40 mail armor for a hunter. I actually started to do searches and filtering lists on Wowhead regarding this topic.

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