Sentinels of Dalvengyr

Meet my new guild:

Sentinels of Dalvengyr

This guild is soo helpful.  The members are online.  My old guild, Chosen Elites, started off fine with members online and helpful, but recently it felt like I was the only one still playing the game.  Even a founding member went missing from the game.

I talked to a GM and they said that those members still existed.  I tried to tell him that I’m the ONLY MEMBER OF THE GUILD STILL PLAYING.  He said that there might be something wrong with my interface.  I even wrote to the guild leader.  To this day there is no response.

Reenacted Message Sent:

Dear Micolry,

What’s up with the Guild?  Are you still playing?  WTH???

~ Guntitan

One of the things I love about this new guild is that the Guild Chat is booming with voices.  People are getting help from everywhere.  I even helped a few Guildies or SoDs?  What do we want to be called?

Detrius and I even tried to kill some Horde noobs and Horde NPCs in their starting areas.  It didn’t work out.  Silverpine Forest has level 60 Guards at their towns and the game won’t let us kill anyone that is so many levels below you.  No hit, no honor.  We ended up sitting in front of Undercity to try and gank a few Horde.  Too bad some level 70s appeared off the Zeppelin and ganked us instead.  They even camped our bodies.  I told my partner that we would resurrect at the same time and run in opposite directions.

When that didn’t work out, I resurrected at the graveyard and hearthed back to Booty Bay.

I did kill a level 32 Horde in Desolace with the Scorpashi Lasher I caught to get Claw 5.  I was level 35.  I was only getting revenge cause his buddies in Stranglethorn Vale were ganking Alliance left and right yesterday.

A special thanks goes to Garrgga for making Heavy Leather for me.  I will make that Harvest Reaper as soon as I can find 2 Gyrochronatoms.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

Next Blog:  Meet my new pet.  I promise you’ll get to see him in my next blog.


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