Obtaining Prowl (Rank 1)

About Obtaining Prowl (Rank 1).


Go back to Arathi Highlands. That’s where we got Bite (Rank 5). Follow the main road west.

When you hit the road that goes south, follow it to enter Stromgarde Keep. There’s a vendor there that sells a book to get your first aid to a higher level. Head back up to the main road and follow it west until you enter Hillsbard Foothills. Keep going west.

In the middle of Hillsbard, follow the road south to Southshore and get the flight path. Go back up to the main road and follow it west. Go up the mountains and enter Alterac Mountains. Look for the Mountain Lion and tame it. Now go somewhere safe. There might a lot of Horde in the area so I went back to Booty Bay.


What is this picture? You ask. I went into Alterac Mountains via Tarren Mill. It takes you to the Ruins of Alterac which is full of Ogres. There I got ganked by a few Horde. Multiple times!

When I finally resurrected I went around the north side of the mountains, down the shore, went past Dalaran. I found the Mountain Lions and got ganked by a few of them.  3-on-1 with no pet.

I resurrected back in the middle of the Ruins of Alterac. This is where the horde kept ganking me. That’s when I decided to explore the area as a ghost. Big mistake! REALLY BIG mistake!!! I got caught between some barrels in the Castle in the Ruins of Alterac. Which, by the way, this area must have been a beautiful Alliance town at one point in WoW history.

I opened a GM ticket. Went on General chat (/1) and called for help. Eventually a Priest came and resurrected my body back at the spot that I died. I caught a Mountain Lion and hearthed back to Booty Bay.


Learning Prowl is easy. Just keep using it until you learn it. See I learned it in Booty Bay next to the Flight Master. You don’t have to be in combat or level your pet. Just feed it so it doesn’t run away.

Til Next Time…

! Guntitan


A special thank you to Priesstess for resurrecting me.

Next Blog: Meet my new pet.


2 Responses to “Obtaining Prowl (Rank 1)”

  1. Is this Guntitan as a noob? Or is it a alt?

  2. Guntitan the noob!

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