Save gold for your level 20 mount.


The Addon you need:  Auctioneer


Characters can now obtain their first ground mounts at level 20.  It cost 4 G for training and 1 G for the mount.  At the time I played Guntitan the requirement was at level 30 and it cost more.

About Obtaining gold for your mount.

When I was a noob I asked around for 1 gold from a random player while sitting in The Commons area in Ironforge.  When I asked other players how to obtain the gold I needed for my first mount they said to:

  1. Farm for gold (meaning using a gathering skill to gather materials to sell in the Auction House).
  2. Hunt for green or blue items to sell in the Auction House.
  3. Ask my high level guild mates to give me some.

Most of the time they ignored me.

Gathering anything in World of Warcraft is time consuming and it takes the fun out of the game.  With no options that seemed appealing,  I went online and started to read some gold farming tips across the web.  One of them said to farm vendor items and sell them on the AH (Auction House).  What a great idea.  It took me a while to try it out but when I did, the gold came rushing in to my pockets.  Not really but close enough.

At the time I was playing in the Battleground Warsong Gulch and making trips to Ashenvale to pick up the rewards.  Boring I know and a waste of time to some.  This is what I wanted to do and the rewards seemed worth while especially the trinket and necklace.

In between trips I would run to the engineering vendor in Tinker Town so I could buy some Coarse Blasting Powder and use it to make Crafted Heavy Shot.  In Warsong Gulch I kept running out of ammo.  Luckily I had some Copper Bars on supply.  I noticed that some of the rare schematics that the engineering vendor sold were worth a lot of gold on the AH.  I bought them for a few silver and tried to sell them on the AH.  I posted them on a Saturday or Sunday night.

With my first round I made about 10 gold.  Mounts cost 4 gold for training and 1 gold for the mount.  Depending on your reputation with your starting faction it can be a little cheaper.  I kept on going.  In theory it would only take a few days to obtain this much gold.  It took me about a week.  It depends on luck, if you’re lucky enough to post the auction and have someone actually wanting to buy a schematic for 8 or 9 gold.  As of patch 3.2.2 it should take you a day to make the gold you need.


Combine this strategy with a little farming (my profession is mining) and you could become a Chinese gold farmer.  Use this strategy to obtain the gold you need for hunter skills, pet skills, and getting that 1 gold you need to wield Polearms.

Read the gold making tips for the higher level mounts.  I learned more about making gold the more I played.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

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  1. I accidentaly posted a wrong post on the other post you posted O.o

    Uhm yea… I ment to say “It is only 10 G now…” on this post.

    Dude I am having a holiday reading your blogs they are very entertaining… sorry for all the comments you have to approve…

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