Obtaining Bite (Rank 5)

 About obtaining Bite (Rank 5).


This one is easy but it’s a long trek.  Take the flight path (in either Booty Bay or at the Rebel Camp) back to the Wetlands.  Head back east along the main road until you reach a fork that goes north.  Head north and go past Don Modr to enter Arathi Highlands.

We are looking for Plains Creeper (level 32 -33) so hopefully a few quest back in Stranglethorn Vale dinged you enough to tame him.  They are everywhere and you don’t have to stray far off the main road to tame one.  If you stabeled your pet, good, if not, go back to the Menthil Harbor and do so.  If you have a Stranglethorn Tiger that you used to obtain Dash 1 and you plan to dump him then go ahead.  Catch that Plains Creeper!

Use him until you learn how to train your pets Bite (Rank 5).  Yay!

Don’t leave yet.

We should obtain a flight path cause who wants to walk, when we can fly.

That flight path is at the Refuge Pointe and is north from where you entered Arathi Highlands from the Wetlands.  Don’t go east unless you want to meet some Hordies.  Trust me, they love to gank you.

The Refuge Pointe is the same place where you can get PVP rewards for turning in Arathi Basin Mark of Honor tokens.  They got some good leather armor for young Hunters but the chances for winning this Battleground is usually slim for Alliance.  This Battleground is the reason why I stopped getting Arathi Basin tokens and gave up obtaining some nice leather gear.  I decided to farm gold for my Mount and move the heck on.

‘Til next time…

! Guntitan

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