Hunting in Duskwood.

To get to Duskwood go south from Elwynn Forest or go east from Westfall.  Do every single quest you can find especially if you are starting this zone at level 20.  A bunch of quests can be found in the town, Darkshire.  The town is located on the east side of the zone.  Just follow the main road.  Go there to obtain the flight path.

I strongly advise all you, Young Guns, to group in this area.  It will make some of the kill quests go by faster. Believe me, there are a lot of kill quests in this area.  More importantly, it will be less scary walking in the dark as a group.

At level 33 my current wolf is from Duskwood.  He is a Black Ravager Mastiff (Level 25 – 26) and he comes with the skills Bite (Rank 4) and Furious Howl (Rank 2) .  Easy to obtain just a pain to level your character from level 20 to level 26 .  While hunting this beastie watch out for others of his kind nearby.  They roam close to one another.  You could be trying to tame him, get attacked by another one, then die. 

The main reason why I wrote this blog is for really good quest rewards that are found in this area, one of them gives you a better pouch or quiver.  Here they are:

Level 20:  If you came from Westfall you should of started this chain with the NPC Jitters.  You’re going to laugh but trust me on this one.  In Darkshire, talk to the NPC Chef Grual and obtain the quest Dusky Crab Cakes.  Finish it for the recipe.  You will encounter a lot of Spiders in the World of Warcraft.  This recipe allows you to level your cooking instead of just selling off those Gooey Spider Legs.  We need food to heal in between fighting mobs.

Level 20 – 30:  Like I said.  Do every single quest you can find here, if you are having trouble look at Thottbot.

Requires Level 24 – 30:  Cha’ ching!  Now here is the winner.  In Darkshire, talk to the Commander Althea Ebonlocke to start the Night Watch kill questing chain.  50 baddies in all.  At the end of this chain you will receive a better ammo sack or a better quiver.

1% more in attack speed won’t help out as much but having 2 more slots for ammo or arrows will help out a lot.  Especially while doing a lot of kill quests or running the battle grounds.

Level 28:  I am not going to talk as much here.  It’s a long chain that takes forever but is worth while.  Start the Legend of Stalva chain in Moonbrook (Westfall).  Kill the Banshee and follow their bloody trail.

Level 30:  Look for A Weathered Grave.   Go back to Darkshire. Follow the chain.  Kill the ghoulie.  I recommend taking one other person to kill him.  You’ll eventually be lead to find Watcher Ladimore to otain the quest A Daughter’s Love.  Finish this quest back at the Weathered Grave and you’ll get a powerful 2-hand sword, called Archeus.

That’s all I can think of for now.

‘Til next time… Happy Hunting!

! Guntitan


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