Obtaining Cower (Rank 3)


About learning Cower (Rank 3).

After entering Stranglethorn Vale from Duskwood you can go west to find a Refugee’s Camp.  Pick up a few of the quest and do as much as you can.  Why?  You need to level your character, you’ll see why later.  South of the camp you can find a Young Panter (Level 30 – 31).  Tame him and use him to get Cower (Rank 3).  Simple yeah?

Not so simple.  This isn’t what I did.  I forgot to leave my wolf at a stable.  Some other Alliance character told me to follow him to Booty Bay.  I didn’t have the flight path and he did.  Big mistake!  Never go directly to the town you never been before.  I didn’t follow the main road and got ganked by beasties that were level 40.

Long story short.  After I figured out to follow the main road I made it to Booty Bay and got the flight path.  No more walking.  Booty Bay is your base of operations in this area.  It has a bank, an auction house, and a book you can buy to level up fishing to 275.  Oh yeah and a Stable Master who is near the bank and inn.

‘Til Next time…

! Guntitan

Next Blog: Obtaining gold for your mount.


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